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ViralMobs – Buzz Viral WordPress Theme
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ViralMobs is a brand new Buzz and Viral WordPress theme developed by StoneThemes. If you are looking for a Viral content website than ViralMobs is a best choice for your. Because it has full functions for making a create engaging viral website.

For Making an viral website. you need a proper website which will give you a good amount of content engagement. So for this you need a platform which can do it better. Obviously, WordPress is #1 platform to make a Viral website within short time. But very little amount of theme are available for making such a website which are based on Viral content website. For that reason, we are created a brand new viral WordPress theme called ViralMobs.

It has full function of Social Sharing, List of features image, Optimized for Google Adsense and Well navigation for “Next” and “Previous” button for splinting content. So you will get best CTR rate with your Adsense and more page view then other themes. We created it with light coding and simple functional. It will help you to reduce website loading speed as well as server resource usages.